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  1. Hey y'all! Quick question- I'm superhot for the OR and I can't really see myself doing much else. Is it super difficult for new grads to get into the OR? I'm a senior NS- no OR clinical experience but there's a surgical nurse at a nearby hospital I get to shadow sometimes so I know I love it. I also started learning about all the surgical equipment to hopefully give me a leg up. There's nothing like the OR! What have you seen as far as new grads getting their feet in the door? Thank so much.
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  3. by   HCaseRN
    Hey!!! Congrats on almost being done!! I am a new grad and just had an interview for an OR position. The nurse manager told me that they like new grads because they get to teach them their way of doing things. She said sometimes they do recommend med-surg experience if they feel the applicant needs it. My school offered OR nursing as a summer elective so I was able to get some experience in the OR. I think its great you shadow someone and know that OR nursing is what you want to do because they want to find people that are willing to go through the long training and stick with the OR. Good Luck with everything!!!!
  4. by   Heart2015FNP
    I got my foot in the door by working as an OR attendant during my last semester of nursing school. Once I graduated, I aced the interview process (obviously) and got into the next available six-month OR training program.
  5. by   Heart2015FNP
    Opps. Last year of nursing school. I worked part-time.
  6. by   RN in training
    Oh neato! Dumb question- what does an OR attendant do?
  7. by   Heart2015FNP
    I turnover (disinfect) rooms when cases were done. Helped the OR nurses with prepping, getting blood, sending specimens to pathology, setup equipment for upcoming cases and pickup patients from the floor. My role was similar to a Nursing Attendant on the floor. Your role is to assist the circulators and help them run their rooms more efficiently.