Hospital Training vs College Training for the OR?

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    Just looking for some input from OR nurses on the best way to get into OR nursing. Here is my story/dilemma: I have been a nurse working in medsurg for a few years now, and have been wanting to enter perioperative nursing pretty much since I graduated. My first hospital didn't offer a perioperative training program, so I moved and accepted a medsurg job at a hospital with a perioperative program for their internal applicants. I've put in my 6 months at this new hospital and overall have not been impressed with the hospital or organization. I know training programs come with a two year commitment to the hospital following the program, this is something I don't feel comfortable doing at my current hospital.

    I'm feeling frustrated and stuck as a medsurg nurse. I don't want to accept a medsurg job at another hospital just to become an internal applicant for their perioperative training program, however I know there really is no other way to get in. I've heard of some colleges that offer OR nurse training courses. I've been thinking about doing that to get my OR training, but I'm wondering if hospitals consider that adequate? Technically I still wont have OR "experience" will that matter? Anyone heard of OR managers hiring a new OR nurse that has completed a training program but has no experience? I just don't want to waste time and money doing something that wont help me get to where I want to be, or if I'll end up having to enter a hospitals perioperative training program after I'm through anyway. Sorry that was a super long description to my question. Any advice would be fantastic! Thanks!
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    I'm sure it wouldn't hurt, but where I live (Louisiana) hospitals will NOT hire without experience unless they have a peri op new hire program. However, you may be more likely to get hired on into a periop program with that background. I landed my periop internship because I called the Manager of the OR personally, emailed the periop educator, (and about 5 other OR coordinators) and I was a member of AORN (showed my absolute interest in the OR), then I killed it in the interview.
    Not all peri-op internship require a 2 year commitment. My hospital asked me for a verbal commitment, but didn't make me sign anything.
    Good Luck!