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Different types of tie used in the OR

  1. 0 different ties are confusing me and it seems i cant find a good OR book about Operating room skills
    anyway can anyone please tell me the difference between a:
    1. stick tie
    2. free tie
    3. tie
    4. suture lig?

    and all possible types of tie...

    thanks for sharing your info OR nurses!
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    A tie and a free tie are the same. They are lengths of suture without a needle. When they as for a tie or free tie, they want it placed in their hand. They may ask for a tie on a pass or passer. This means one end of the tie is clamped in a hemostat or tonsil clamp. A stick tie or suture lig is suture with a needle. It is used to suture around a vessel in order to tie it off. Hope that helps.
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    thanks a lot! this info would really save me from flying instruments. thanks
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    You can't find a good book about OR skills? Your OR should have reference books and/or you should. The best place to start for the last million or so years is Alexanders Care of the Patient in Surgery.
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    Thanks for the book suggestion I'll go ahead and try looking for it. Thanks.