CNOR cert; ACLS/PALS cert - page 2

I'm interested in getting CNOR (I keep accidentally writing "SNOR":lol2:) certified eventually. I think I found a field I love, so it seems like a natural step. :D I was told I am eligible to certify... Read More

  1. by   SkipBeat
    My employer requires BLS, PALS and ACLS. They pay for for the course and your time to take it also. I'm not sure if they pay for CNOR but I know as of now they don't pay extra if you have it.
  2. by   elgin1962
    I found this same attitude with a previous employer but decided to trust my gut and get my ACLS and CNOR anyway. Several years later it added to the qualifications I could offer when applying for a job 1500 miles away. What does this kind of initiative show to a potential employer? What kind of person do you want on your OR team? Someone constantly open to improvement and learning or only doing just enough to get by? I was flown cross country and hired for an open heart surgery position despite having many years lapse since my last exposure to this specialty. I also received relocation reimbursement and live and work in the beautiful pacific NW. I'm sure my 21 years of OR experience was key but my certifications didn't hurt. I do not have a BSN however this is next on the list. I agree with everyone who's said that everything you do to improve yourself and your marketability is valuable. For me the personal satisfaction is also extremely important.