What are some Accelerated BSN/MSN CRNA programs?

  1. I am a senior finishing my undergraduate degree in biochemistry. Just last year i decided i wanted to go onto nursing school with the goal of becoming a CRNA. I'm looking to see if there are any programs out there that you can get and accelerated BSN and then go straight into the MSN CRNA degree? If you could list off some schools that would be extremely helpful! Also i have a 3.6 gpa would that be considered a competitive gpa?
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  3. by   missnurse01
    I believe there is one school in the NE that you get your bsn, work in their hosp a year, then go on to crna school. I have heard that most are unable to get into crna school when they like b/c there are not enough open positions for new grads in the icu's there. Going on to crna is considered ADVANCED practice. Meaning you already have considerable practical experience as a critical care nurse before you enter. They are building on that foundation that you have already received. Please read around in the APN forums here and elsewhere about crna's, their job, their schooling, etc.

    good luck