WGU Pre-licensure LA cohort for August 2014

  1. hey everybody,

    im a new member to allnurses. i wanted to see who is applying to WGU prelicensure in LA for 2014? if you didnt know, the clinicals will be at Cedars Sinai....so how is it going for everybody and anybody encountering any problems? hopefully we can give each other advices to make ourselves as competitive as possible.

    as for me, im just studying for the TEAS and retaking my A&P on straighterline. im doing all these practice test for the TEAS and my score is not good enough. im averaging about 70% on these practice test. dont know why im doing so bad, but still trying. i believe i need at least 80% to be competitive for wgu.

    hope to hear from everybody...good luck
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  3. by   utahgirl1982
    I'm trying to apply. I'm also going to do A&P with Straighterline. What are the exams like for those classes?
  4. by   outdrinkyou
    yeah, im taking my A&P with Straighterline now. its pretty straightfoward, definitely useful if you have a A&P text book. all you do is basically take chapter quizzes, midterm, and final exam for A&P 1 and A&P II

    definitely go over each chapter before the quiz. they can get really specific. i can say it is NOT an easy A.

    so you in the process of applying for the august cohort?
  5. by   utahgirl1982
    Yes I am. Are all the quizzes and exams proctored? I heard you have to have a webcam? I just wanna make sure I can do it on my system and have everything ready to take it.
  6. by   outdrinkyou
    the quizzes are not proctored. the final exam is but i dont know if you need a webcam or not. straighterline never mention anything about that. i wish they did in advance so i can factor that into my cost before signing up since i dont have a webcam on my laptop.

    just curious, any other classes you need to take? did you take your TEAS yet? how are you doing on that? im taking these practice TEAS and averaging around 70% which is super low.
  7. by   utahgirl1982
    I need to do those classes and take my teas. We did you start the class?
  8. by   outdrinkyou
    started taking A&P in the first week of march
  9. by   utahgirl1982
    Cool and how far have you gone in the class
  10. by   outdrinkyou
    im on chapter 10
  11. by   utahgirl1982
    Awesome. I was reading that you can have a page of notes. Are you able to have that for the final as well?
  12. by   outdrinkyou
    for the final im not sure...i just know for the final, need to schedule it 72 hours in advance since it is proctored. im not there yet, im just trying to knock out all the quizzes first.
  13. by   utahgirl1982
    I was wondering if you finished the class and how it was
  14. by   outdrinkyou
    hey...im taking my final for A&P I tomorrow. the class is ok, not bad since all the quizzes that i take are open book so that helps a lot.

    im worried about the final cause its closed book so i dont think i might do as well because there is a lot of information that i need to know.

    how about you?