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  1. Hey guys!!
    So I'm currently enrolled at Cal State Long Beach as a pre nursing student, and I'm looking into other nursing schools due to the fact that the program is so impacted and hard to get into now a days!
    I recently heard about West Coast University from my cousin who is starting in June. I just wanted to know if any current or graduate students enjoyed the program and what they thought about it?

    I know the tuition is crazy high, but its due able.

    Also have any of the graduates from WCU been able to get good jobs?

    Please let me know!! Thanks so much guys!
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  3. by   Deuceswild1
    I am currently enrolled at the ontario campus and thus far, aside from the tuition it has been a great experience. It does not take it easy on you like some will assume on here, it is a lot of hard work in small terms, but it flys by. I enter nursing core next term so I cannot sy much about the nursing portion, but if it reflects the 10 months I have been here so far it will be good.
  4. by   Wonvie
    I'm starting in August at the LA campus, is there any news about the LA campus?
  5. by   NurseDakotaBee2b
    I'm starting the LA campus in August too!!
    My cousin started a few days ago and she said its definitely alot of work.
    No one else has gotten back to me about getting jobs or anything like that!

    I'm exited though!
  6. by   pknurse
    Quote from NurseDakotaBee2b
    Also have any of the graduates from WCU been able to get good jobs?
    During your final semester at WCU, alumni come in and talk to you about their experiences getting jobs. This is unprecedented and really helps WCU students/soon-to-be graduates feel confident about their future. There is have a handful of WCU grads at White Memorial; one or two at Cedars; and I'm sorry that's how far my memory serves me.

    From the outside looking in, there is no doubt that WCU has a bad rep. They are like the rich kid who moves into a poor, saturated neighborhood and cruises up and down the street in his BMW, trying to make friends.

    I've met many of their students, and they are intelligent and well-versed. I also think they are financially exploited extensively by their school. But I personally refuse to "shame" them because of their tuition.
  7. by   jesslauren19
    Just a question, do you know your schedules for first term yet?
  8. by   1sildiaz
    Did you get accepted into the program with a co signer?