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Hello Fellow Nusring Students....I am close to enrolling in the LPN to BSN Program at UOP for the Fall, 2012 start....before I do I wanted some feedback regarding the program and what your thoughts/experience has been....How... Read More

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    Quote from jchatlpn
    Expect to write an APA style paper and complete a power point presentation in each course. I did a lot of that in my LPN program so I was totally prepared for all that but I was very shocked at how unprepared all the other students around me were when writing those papers. Then I realized that no one in my prereqs were in the nursing program. So then I found myself working with a lot of people who couldn't write a simple research paper and that sucked. But I kept my cool because I realize that I am not going to be the same page as my fellow students until I hit my actual nurse courses and am surrounded by actual nurses.
    So what you are saying is that we aren't going to get any credit for classes we have already taken - I've already taken college level chemistry, biology, algebra, English (including writing research papers), anatomy & physiology, psych, etc etc. to get to where I am now. I hope this isn't the case. The only thing I find a bit daunting about this path is the overall cost of it all. It would help somewhat if they accepted transfer credits from an accredited nursing program (which I have).
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