University of Phoenix LPN to BSN 2012....Any Insight's?

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    Hello Fellow Nusring Students....I am close to enrolling in the LPN to BSN Program at UOP for the Fall, 2012 start....before I do I wanted some feedback regarding the program and what your thoughts/experience has been....How were/are the classes, how is the "on-line" treating you...I want to make a decision soon because I have a full Pell Grant to help me out...I also plan on working full-time as an LPN while in school, is it managable or realistic?...any and all input will be appreciated!.....

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    Do you have children?
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    yes....a 17 and 14 year old boys....why?
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    Just because whether or not you have little dependents relying on you would have a major impact on how much a full time job would effect your school. I have two young boys. Let me just say that I feel like after surviving nursing school for my LPN, I feel like I can survive anything. And I say that because I definitely don't think that University of Phoenix is worse than nursing school in any way. But it is beneficial to have the day before and the day of your courses off from work if possible.

    My learning experience so far has been acceptable. I just started in August and I am about to start my actual nursing core classes. I just finished up my prereq courses. I wish someone would have told me not to expect much until I start my actual nursing courses. Expect to write an APA style paper and complete a power point presentation in each course. I did a lot of that in my LPN program so I was totally prepared for all that but I was very shocked at how unprepared all the other students around me were when writing those papers. Then I realized that no one in my prereqs were in the nursing program. So then I found myself working with a lot of people who couldn't write a simple research paper and that sucked. But I kept my cool because I realize that I am not going to be the same page as my fellow students until I hit my actual nurse courses and am surrounded by actual nurses.

    So far the classes have been fine but I don't feel like I have learned anything new in science classes like nutrition. But I do feel like I have been refreshed on some important concepts when doing research for papers and stuff. Expect to be in a learning team each course. That's basically a team of students who you complete team assignments with and are usually APA papers or presentations. Before I chime in on how I feel about the team learning, I'll let some other people state their opinions.
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    my little ones are now big ones, so it is much easier doing the school thing along with work...just like you, I will be LPN come June, and hopefully working by July....How do you like UOP as far as the "on-line" work?....I too have to take pre-req's, but I am hoping my Nutrition, Human Growth and AP will transfer me out of those classes....I am a little older than most students (43) and I have never been exposed to the APA format....I hope I can CLEP out of the English, but doubt it a hard format to learn?....I can write well, but APA scares far as work and school go I am plaanning working FT in LTC....maybe nights to start, hopefully 3-12's are available so I can study on off days....I am in Colorado, was it hard for you to land a job after your PN program?....I am starting my final term tomorrow (yea!) and hope to land a job before graduation if possible....very excited and ready to finish part one of my nursing journey....
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    It is absolutely NOT a hard format and UofP does a good job of giving you shortcuts so you don't have to worry about it. You actually have templates already created in that format that you can use. You'll have to do an APA paper in practically every class. It's just a specific font and page set up. If you can formulate a proper sentence, you're good to go.

    In your first few classes your instructors will be really lenient. As long as you show good communication with them, use the forums and check your forums daily then your instructors will be very open and understanding. The hardest thing for me was trying to get along with everyone in my team. There's always someone who acts like they can take the reigns and manage the assignment but then they do everything at the last minute and the quality is poor. Or you'll have a teammate that doesn't communicate and misses turning in their part. And then what do you do when someone clearly doesn't know what they are doing but they are on your team? I finally met another nurse and she was having a lot of the same doubts I was having. But I just kept my focus going forward and told myself that I'd be with my fellow nurses soon and it wouldn't be so damn unprofessional.

    So far I haven't done any "studying." Basically you go week by week completing your assignments and it's based on how fast you can do research and write a paper. If you can master the art of writing papers and finding references, you can cut down on time. Now I can write an APA paper in a day if I have to. But I had to stay up 36 hours to research patients and write care plans in previous nursing school. I haven't had many tests, yet. The tests I have had were simply quizzes and they were basic.

    If you're looking for night work then you should be able to find something. I guess it's really hard for nurses who have no previous medical experience in their work background to find work because everyone is looking for experience but a lot of people are looking for day positions. Finding LTC night jobs should be easy. You can also look into hospice and home health but I think there are some limitations to insurance benefits in those positions. I found FT work as a school nurse a month after I passed my NCLEX but that was one of those find work anywhere positions. I stuck around for a few years but now I'm looking for something else. Working in corrections is good too as far as schedules go because they tend to be short weeks but long hours. It's interesting work, though. Anyway, if you don't find a nighttime position at an LTC facility, then sign up with a few of them you like as PRN and as soon as a position opens up, they'll look towards their PRN nurses who are looking for FT work before they start hiring out of the facility.
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    Hi, i'm a new lvn and I am also currently looking into bridge programs. Can you give me any feedback on how much UOP costs? Thanks in advance
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    I'm looking at attending U of P for my LPN to BSN too. I already have an Associate of Applied Science in another discipline from a state university. I'm going to call U of P on Monday and talk to them about transfer credits, etc.

    Anyway, I'm very intersted in this topic and I have really learned a lot in this thread so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Thanks for all the helpful info so far!
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    hello, I am starting the LVN TO BSN PROGRAM in july getting some of the prerequesites done. Like many of you I was wondering how the classes really are? i have a 1 yr old and by next year i will be having a newborn. so i was thinking my core classes dont start till Dec 2014 so by then my newborn would be bigger. would it be too much to handle? i am currently working only 2x/wk 8hr shifts so i think i will be okey or am i wrong?. but i wanted to know more of the program. what happens if you dont pass a class?ect thanks
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    I'm wondering about this option myself - I just graduated with a certificate in Practical Nursing and will be taking my NCLEX-PN soon. I'd like to go right from being an LPN to BSN and do it all online, while working as an LPN. U of Phoenix is the only LPN to BSN online program out there that I see, so I'm following this discussion with interest. Thx :-)
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