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University of Phoenix MSN program NUR590 Practicum - page 4

Has anyone already done their practicum for the MSN program with University of Phoenix?... Read More

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    I am currently taking NUR 590A and I need a mentor! I just moved from Hawaii to California and currently not working, it has been difficult to find a mentor. If anyone could help me out, I would be most grateful!!
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    I am doing my practicum on education regarding infection control. I am in 590a. My instructor keeps stating that I am the learner for this project. I submitted my objectives and she said they are all good. Now I am doing my learning strategies she said to use the sample given in class. Which I am... my main concern here is: What do I have to have completed for nur590b... a PP and a paper, will they tell us what we need to write? I know I have to review 15-25 peer reviewed articles and write an annotated bib. and document this all in the journal. I also stated in the strategies to do a needs assessment, develop an educ. plan, implement a classroom instruction, and evaluate the effectiveness of the development and implementation of the educational plan. I document all this in the journal as I find and do the information?? Correct? But when it comes to what needs to be handed in for the 590b besides the journal, completing all the strategies, how do I put all this into a PP and paper....will they explain this to us... thanks!
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    Has anyone completed the UOPHX MSN practicum lately? Input? Anyone able to offer any topic ideas for a project?