UMSON CNL Applicants for Spring 2014

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    Hi all,

    I am starting this thread for anyone who has applied for UMSON spring 2014 CNL class. I thought this would be a good place for us all to get to know each other and keep everyone updated on our status. Please share your thoughts, anxieties, hopes and goals for applying to this program. I am particularly interested in knowing what attracted you to this program as opposed to traditional BSN or RN. Also, please share your background? Also, current students please feel free to add any insight to enlighten us all.

    Little about me, my undergraduate degree was in Political Science & Philosophy. I worked in the field of banking for seven years and then as an office manager for a radiology facility for 5.5 years. Working in healthcare field I was exposed to every aspect of healthcare management and administration, but I lacked the clinical background. I am gravitating towards family practice and very interested in providing primary care services. I want to work with the underserved populations. I like the CNL program because it is a master's level program which will give me a chance to elevate my education while giving me the hands on training to be a nurse.

    Looking forward to getting to know you all. If you find this thread please introduce yourselves and share a little something about yourself


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    Hey! I am waiting to hear back as well! Any idea when they let us know about interviewing? Like you, I am really excited about this program, and the opportunity to advance my education with a masters, while becoming a nurse as well.
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    Hi emilie290391,

    I am glad you found this thread. I have no idea when they will start conducting interviews. I think they start sometime in late October early November. I am more worried about the timed writing part though. Any idea what kind of topics they ask? The anticipation is definitely driving me crazy. Is this the only school you are applying to? Are you local or out of state?
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    has anyone heard about receiving an interview?
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    Hello Everyone,

    I wish you all good luck on with your application and interviews. I was accepted into the CNL program for the Fall 2013 but needed to defer my enrollment to the Spring '14. If you get into the program then we will be in the same cohort.

    I have an undergrad degree in Radio, Television, and Film and been working in Accounting/Finance for the last 8 years. I'm really excited about the change in career. Please keep me posted on your application.
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    Hey Nursekdw,

    Welcome to this forum. Congratulations on your acceptance I hear that admission can be deferred for up to a year. When and how was your interview? Also, what was your writing sample about? Please share your insights. I am anxiously waiting to hear from the program. Enjoy your next couple of months of relaxation.
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    On my online status, next to decision box it says, "committee ready" what does this mean? Interview I hope?
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    That's what mine says too! I have no clue what it means though. Do you know if they call or e mail to set up the interview?
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    Yes. For the interview they do notify us via postal mail, I believe.
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    Thank you! I believe that means they will email you soon for the interview but do not quote me on that.

    My interview was back in May so I have a vague memory of what they asked me. It fairly quick, 15 minutes or so. If I can recall they asked question that were similar what I had already explain in my statement of purpose. I.e. why do you want to become a CNL nurse, why am I interested in their program and school, what area of nursing do I what to be in and why.

    I am not sure if I should tell you what the essay was about because I assume they ask different questions each round. They did tell me there are no wrong answers so it makes me to believe the writing part was to see if you can think one your feet to form answers that make sense to the reader.

    Hope this was somewhat helpful. Keep me posted if you get an interview.

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