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    Greetings Everyone!!

    I noticed no one has started a UMHB Fall 2013 thread yet, so here I go!

    I got my acceptance letter yesterday and I am totally stoked!!

    I am wondering if anyone else got in! I would love to meet any future classmates! ^_^

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    Hello!!! I am so happy I found this!

    I got my letter Saturday! I am so excited to get started!
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    Woah, I've been waiting for someone to start this group! I got my letter Saturday as well, it was like a weight lifted off my shoulders, excited to go to orientation! Do ya'll an idea of ya'lls living arrangements already?
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    Where are you guys coming from? I'm moving down to Belton from Dallas. I'm currently looking for housing and I can't wait to meet you all at orientation!!!!
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    Moving from Austin! I hope housing isn't too expensive
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    I'm coming from Dallas as well! I have family in Temple, so I will be staying there! I can't wait to meet everyone!
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    Oh cool!! I actually recently moved to Dallas from Austin back in December! I guess I'm moving again! I've looked at housing in Belton and it seems cheaper to get a roommate and live in Temple. Killeen is too far of a drive. BUT anything would be cheaper than Austin... I sure do miss it though!
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    Yeah, I'm planning on looking around when I go to Orientation, which day are ya'll planning on going. I will be there on the 24th
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    Yeah living in Temple will probably be best. You will be close to Scott & White and UMHB is not far!

    If everyone doesn't mind me asking, did you guys apply anywhere else? Personally I've had a struggle with this whole process! I'm thankful I am ending up at UMHB! I feel like its the best choice for me!! The Dallas area is tough to get into!!
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    I will be there on the 24th as well. By the way my name is Ariel! I look forward to meeting everyone!

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