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Greetings Everyone!! I noticed no one has started a UMHB Fall 2013 thread yet, so here I go! I got my acceptance letter yesterday and I am totally stoked!! I am wondering if anyone else got in! I would love to meet any... Read More

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    Are these prices for the whole year or just for a semester?

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    These prices are based on one semester... it's a lot more to live on campus. They gave me an estimate of ~6000 more per year. My financial aid could not help cover it all. So, I think it's a better idea to live off campus.
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    I also started a Facebook group since our class does not have one yet! I think this is a better way for all of us to get to know each other and a great way for us to study and help each other as well!
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    Hey guys! I just went to orientation yesterday and I am soo excited! Tunasalad, I met you yesterday. I'm the transfer from Arlington, and you explained to me what this website was lol.
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    Hey! I was accepted to the nursing program for the fall of 2013! I will be a transfer student though.
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    @katiedr, hey!!! nice seeing you on here! It was very nice to meet you!

    @mewinton, nice to have you on here! Join our facebook group, I'll be posting some info on the stuff us transfers will be needing to complete before the fall!

    The link doesn't work, so you can search us on facebook: UMHB Nursing Class of Fall 2015

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