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Greetings Everyone!! I noticed no one has started a UMHB Fall 2013 thread yet, so here I go! I got my acceptance letter yesterday and I am totally stoked!! I am wondering if anyone else got in! I would love to meet any... Read More

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    Hi Ariel! My name's Tina. I've applied to Texas State and Collin College and UMHB, not many schools :P
    But YES, the schools in Dallas are sooooo competitive because of the high volume of applicants!

    I will be in Belton on the 24th for orientation, I'm going to look at apartments and stuff too. I'm most likely going to need to find a roommate or something because of my budget!

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    Hi, my name is Jessica and I also start at UMHB in Fall of 2013! So excited!
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    Hi Tina. I applied to TWU and Collin. It's crazy how many people apply!
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    I applied to Texas State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi, UT Health Science Center at Houston, UTMB Galveston, and UMHB. Luckily I heard back from Mary Hardin Baylor which was one of my top choices already because of the great things I heard. Excited for us to begin the next chapter of our lives!
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    Nice to meet you, Jessica! I'm looking forward to meeting you guys on the 24th! I will be in Belton allllll day. I'm also getting my mac checked by the IT department to see if it meets the requirements for computers.

    Ariel: CCCC is WEIRD, they look for very specific requirements. One of my professors told me that they also take into consideration if you've taken all of your classes at their school, in other words, if you've invested more into their school.
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    Tina it is really wiered! I heard the same things too! And that psb was a very strange test! I did not like it at all
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    I actually did really well on the PSB, but still didn't get in
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    I just looked at apartments today. I'm trying to decide if living off campus or on campus is a good idea.
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    Do you know the approximate price of living on campus? and are they dorms or apartments?
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    This is for if you are living on campus, in the apartments. (You can't stay in the dorms if you are over 21, I believe)
    Huckins Apartments
    1 bedroom / 1 bath (Shared BR) $ 2,275 Independence Village Apartments
    2 bedroom / 1 bath (Private BR) $ 3,320
    2 bedroom / 2 bath (Shared BR) $ 2,490

    Farris Hall
    2 bedroom / 2 bath (Private BR/BA) $ 3,520
    3 bedroom / 3 bath (Private BR/BA) $ 3,320
    4 bedroom / 4 bath (Private BR/BA) $ 3,140

    I will be putting a deposit down to hold an apartment. I found out today, that the availability will be very little and there is already a waiting list. I will be putting it down for Turtle Creek since it is closer to the school, cheapest option, and it is a safer neighborhood (other complexes are income based and are not as safe).
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