Transferring from AZ to TN college help please!

  1. Hi all,
    I am currently at a Maricopa Community college in Arizona. It looks like I might have to be relocating and I really need to get my plan together so I am not lost when it comes time to make a decision.

    Right now I am on the path for a university- community college concurrent enrollment program. I am on the waiting list right now for the RN associates program, the BSN program will take me off the list and throw me in nursing school (If I was accepted).

    But things change and now I am at a total loss. I don't know where to look or what colleges would be similar to Arizona State University or Northern Arizona University. Any advice or help or links would be extremely appreciated. I am getting lost in all of the Advertisements and things along those lines.
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  3. by   42346_nurse_
    Do you have any idea where at in TN?

    You have Union University, University of Memphis, (each have campuses in Memphis and Jackson), Univ. of TN Health Sciences, Rhoades College (all Memphis) and Lambuth in Jackson. Several community colleges in the area as well. Also depending on where in TN there are border states that will do in state tuition. University of
    N Alabama does.

    If you are in the Memphis area- it is a great area to nurse.

    Good luck.

    Eta : baptist college is there as well. Baptist Health Sciences I believe.
  4. by   unionnurse12
    Lambeth is no longer open it is now part of the University of Memphis. I'm not sure Rhodes has a nursing program. The community colleges in the memphis area are Southwest Tennessee cc, Dyersburg state cc (covington campus is about 30-45 mins from downtown memphis) and Jackson State cc ( It's in Jackson,TN but it is only about an hour drive..I did the drive for a year).