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Hey everyone, I would like to start a new thread for all the nursing students who got accepted into the Tidewater Community College Beazley School of Nursing 2013-2014. I will be starting in the... Read More

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    I just called the school and they told me that they are still processing change forms...
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    Quote from KrystalCahoon
    I am cohort 1 and I was able to register.
    I didn't know we couldn't post websites... but cohort 1 please search Tidewater Community College cohort 1on Facebook so that we can all keep in touch there. when classes start I will be posting due dates and such. Is anyone going to camp nightingale?
    No worries. You can't post FB URLs, but you are allowed to post the group names and then members can search for them.
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    I am also attending Camp Nightingale. I look forward to seeing everyone there. Hey, does anyone in cohort 1 want to switch to cohort 2? A friend of mine is in cohort 2 and would like to switch to cohort 1 if possible. Let me know and I can get you in touch with her. Thanks!
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    Is anyone doing the ODU partnership thing, where you can get your 4 year in two years? It looks like I have some more prereqs I have to take before I can do that....I am wondering how tough it is to do both at the same time.
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    I thought about trying it but I really need to have good grades because one day will be a nurse practitioner. To get into NP programs you need good grades so I decided I'll have to pass on it and go the rn to bsn route after my classes at Tcc are over.
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    I am in Cohort 2 as well. I will inbox you my contact info
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    Hey Regina--Lecture and "Lab" are all in the same classroom--the classrooms have labs attached that are set up with beds & dummies as patients. Clinical, while it says "lab" when you sign up for it, occurs later in the semester. I think we had 3 clinical days & they didn't start until about the 5th week in. You will get your clinical information from your clinical instructor prior to the actual clinical days. Good luck! My cohort called 108 Nursing Boot Camp, but the instructors are very good and you will learn a lot. Study hard!!
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    Does anyone have the cohort 2 facebook page name ?? Thanks Good luck to those who started today
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    I dont think they have created the fb page yet...I haven't see anything about it yet.
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    How was the first day for everyone who started yesterday???!!!
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    Spicersweeney, yesterday was packed full of information. We covered 4 chapters in our fundamentals book. We get 30 minutes for lunch and its not enough time to leave campus. They gave us extra time yesterday and I had to rush in order to eat my food. Make sure you guys bring your lunch with you in a cooler of some sort because there is not a fridge, only a microwave. The class itself was interactive and fast paced. This will definitely require study groups! We are already putting one together to study tonight. We ended up with 5 alternates being called in at the last minute- so if anyone out there is an alternate that's still waiting, stay positive! Good luck to everyone in Cohort 2, your time is fast approaching!
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    Thanks for the info Regina9979 :-)

    and thanks spicersweeny, just checking to make sure I didn't miss it !!
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    Thanks for the info regina9979! I feel the anxiety for you!!!

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