TCAT Ripley~Spring 2018 - page 5

I recently submitted my application for the January 2018 LPN class @TCAT Ripley. Has anyone else applied and waiting acceptance also???... Read More

  1. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    I was hoping that we would get fitted for our uniforms but hopefully they won't take as long as they did with the last class
  2. by   A.hill
    Me 2 and I was also hoping we got our syllabus for each subject today...
  3. by   Talawrence,NCMA
    Right i wanted to get ahead
  4. by   A.hill
    I know right
  5. by   A.hill
    Are you ready??
  6. by   Mjames1147
    Hey did you have to retake your hesi ?
  7. by   A.hill
    Are you talking to me???
  8. by   Mjames1147
    Sorry that comment was for Talawerence ..
  9. by   staci5
    Hey girl . How is school??
  10. by   staci5
    Hey are u still in the program