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    Hello everyone I need some input about Standard Healthcare Nursing Services in Alexandria VA. I am a student at Global Health College & would like to switch schools. In your opinion should I switch to Standard or stay at Global Health please help
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    I would like the same answer! I graduated from GHC but I don't want to return plus I don't want to retake all those classes again to get my RN. THey don't have a LPN -RN program. I really need someone anybody to give us your opinion.
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    How is global health college ? I've went to the open house but I'm not sure about completing their RN program
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    have you ladies decided about standard healthcare college I'm interested in attending also and would like some input
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    Hello Everyone! I am also interested in Standard College and was looking for any information available. I have not yet taken their placement test and also wanted to know if anyone can share their experience with the material on the test. I also understand that tuition assistance is to be available this fall, so I have been kinda waiting on that as well.

    Any info is greatly appreciated...thanks!
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    Looks like we're all looking for the same information. They have a open house coming up in October. Hopefully I can get some questions answered then.
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    Janeyacox- did you decide to stay at global or switch? I also went to global and have recently switched to standard, I will begin their classes in January. Maybe I'll see you???

    I was all the way around unhappy with global, I enrolled in the lpn program and as soon as I tried to transfer to the RN program the world ended. I am STILL waiting on a tuition refund. I had been accepted to standard a few years ago but opted out since they did not have financial aid at the time. Luckily standard now offers financial aid for both lpn and lpn to RN courses
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    I attend standard college and I love it the teachers are so good and the program is well organized.
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    Are there any study guide materials to use and study for the ENTRANCE EXAM? MY daughter is interested in the school.

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