Seattle University Transfer 2018

  1. Hello!
    Is anyone applying as a transfer next Fall?
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  3. by   xmuhhree
    Hello! Fellow hopeful here also applying to Seattle U's 2018 transfer program! Finished most of the application except the essays & resume
  4. by   stephaniek1
    Nice! Good luck with finishing the rest of your app!
    If you dont mind me asking, what does your prereq gpa look like? I'm nervous mine isn't strong enough :'(
  5. by   xmuhhree
    I don't mind you asking because that's what I've been worried about too! So I have a 3.5 for my DTA & a 3.3 for pre-reqs. I know that they'll be people with higher GPA's but I'm done with all my classes. So I'm hoping the fact that I don't have any standing classes will help. My friend (who's also applying) has a friend through her church that got into the program with a 3.4! Sucks cause Bio160 is what's making my GPA so low, but I did significantly better in all my other bios so Im hoping they care moreso about the A&P/Micro.
  6. by   stephaniek1
    My friend got into the program with a 3.3 overall and 3.2 so i still have hope since my GPA looks about the same. I really wish they allowed more retakes because i have 1 C+ that's weighing my prereq GPA down....
    Do you have a lot of experience in the healthcare field?
  7. by   xmuhhree
    As of right now I have about a little over 400 hours working as a CNA! I've been to informational meetings about SU transfers & they said that experience doesn't exactly guarantee acceptance. However, it does show them that you have a good idea about what you're getting into. They also said that the best way to utilize your experience in your application is to find a way to incorporate it in the nursing essay!
  8. by   Sourharry
    I am applying also! Although I don't believe I have much of a chance. Due to my terrible grades from community college many years ago...