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  1. Hi everyone!
    I'm trying to decide what nursing program to go into this coming fall 2014. I have a bachelor's in another discipline (I'm 24) and I'm currently finished prerequisites at a community college. I applied to nursing programs/schools this past December and I'm starting to hear back from some of them.

    I haven't heard back from Saint Anthony College of Nursing in Rockford, IL, but really loved it when I visited the open house this past fall. I don't know if I'm accepted yet (find out in March), but I wanted to see if anyone had gone through the program recently or heard of anything about the program in general.

    Whether it's a very difficult program compared to others, if the teachers are willing to put in the extra time and enthusiastic about what they do. The support system for students in general. How are the clinicals. Even the graduation rate (retention through out program) would be helpful if you know.

    Thank you so much!!!!!! It's appreciated!!
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  3. by   monkey3
    Did you hear back for Saint Anthony College? I am starting there this fall. I am interested in hearing back from others that have attended there. I have all the same questions as you!
  4. by   kbook
    Hey! Yes I heard back from them and I'm going there this fall too!! I've talked to a few people who are going there now and they seem to love it. Although, they say it's quite difficult, it really prepared them well. One of the people I talked to said that a few friends that graduated this past December got jobs fairly quickly and in the department they wanted (which is rare I guess). And with any college I heard it has great teachers and a few to avoid. Im trying to remember the Retention rate, I know it was in the 90% range (I think even 95%+). And students do study groups usually as there isn't a tutor service but the teachers seem to make themselves pretty available.

    As far far as the clinicals, they're supposed to be great! Good diversity and great places. You get a total of about 800 hours of clinicals through the program.

    So that's all I've got so far, hopefully it helps a bit! Look forward to meeting you!! If you want to get in touch, let me know
  5. by   monkey3
    Thanks! I have only found a little bit of info from years ago nothing recent. My instructor recommended Saint Anthony's, he said they have an excellent program. I just finished all of my paperwork and sent everything a few weeks ago. I was trying to figure out what type of scrubs and other equipment to buy. I didnt want to wait until last minute to get it.
    I did hear that the job placement rating for Saint Anthony's is excellent. I did hear that the program is tougher than some schools, but what nursing school is easy! Did you get a list of what teachers to avoid?
  6. by   kbook
    Yea I agree, no nursing school is easy and it makes me happy that I'll be more than prepared for working in the field of nursing! I sent everything in a little bit ago too! They sent me back a few dates to choose "documentation sessions" for turning in the rest of the paperwork for the semester. I signed up for the end of May, so I think maybe that's when they'll tell us where to get everything? Because I was thinking the same thing of where to get the scrubs and everything else we need (books too)? I guess if not we can still ask at that session. But no list of teacher's to avoid yet, but I'm supposed to meet with one of the current students pretty soon here I think. So I will definitely ask! Although, is a pretty accurate site for reviewing professors. So far it hasn't let me down anyway!
  7. by   monkey3
    I signed up for the end of June. I hope, they tell us what we need that day and not wait until the orientation in August. As far as books.... they are posted online for the current semester. I am guessing that as soon as the new schedule ia posted we will be able to see the books to. Did you have to set up a financial aid meeting to? I am going in a few weeks for that. I did see alot on the, so I will just go by that.

    Did you already tour the campus?
  8. by   kbook
    Good to know about the books! Large initial investment but we keep a few of them through the program. Yea, I had to set up a financial meeting as well in a few weeks. I mean that's good so we can ask any questions and get everything together right then (financially).

    Yea I did visit campus during an open house last semester. Honestly, it's 2 buildings about a mile or so apart--and they're not much to look at. But one of the buildings is brand new and is pretty cool on the inside. The old building is basically sharing the parking lot of oaf hospital which is pretty great though. The first year we're in the new building and the second we're in the old one.
  9. by   kbook
    You going to the open house April 5th? Great for information I think! I might go again actually to show my mom, who of course is curious to see where I'll be in the fall!
  10. by   monkey3
    I am going to sign up. You can take guests?
  11. by   kbook
    Yea you can take guests! Once you go online to sign in you can select to bring guest(s)!
  12. by   monkey3
    I signed up. I thought it was only for students.
  13. by   kbook
    Nope it's for anyone. And I think the number is for estimating, doesn't need to be set in stone. You can still bring someone or a few people. I did that!
  14. by   jennarae86
    I know this may be slightly off topic but do any of you know if they have any restrictions on stethoscopes you can use for clinicals (tubing color mostly). I want to order mine before classes start but want to be entirely sure. I searched everywhere in the student handbook and didn't see anything mentioning it.

    Thank you!!
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