RN to MSN Bridge courses

  1. Has anyone taken these courses online ? just wanted to hear any helpful comments or suggestions. Thanks in advance.

    Course Descriptions
    NURS 325 Critical Issues in Nursing - 3.00 credits
    Critical Issues in Shaping Nursing. The health care system has undergone dramatic shifts, driven by changing economic; demographic; and technological forces. This course explores the impact of these forces on healthcare delivery, and concerns relating to ethical, legal and social issues that influence nursing practice.
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    NURS 370 Issues in Aging and Longevity - 4.00 credits
    Issues in Aging and Longevity. This course focuses on current issues in promoting longevity with healthy aging. Current biopsychosocial theories on aging are explored. The multidisciplinary needs of older adults, including relationship challenges, are addressed.
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    NURS 337 Genetics in Nursing and Health - 3.00 credits
    This course will discuss the implications of the Human Genome Project and how to apply genetic knowledge to patient knowledge to patient care in the following ways: identifying those in need of further genetic testing, offering genetic information, recording genetic information, referring patients and families for further genetic information and evaluation, support informed choice regarding health decisions, advocacy for privacy, confidentiality, and non-discrimination with regard to genetic information, and participate in management of patients with genetic conditions. The ethical consideration as they relate to genetics will also be explored. This is a writing intensive course.
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    NURS 375 Nurses Building a Healthy Comm - 6.00 credits
    Nurses Building a Healthy Community. This course focuses on the professional role of the community public health nurse working collaboratively to build a health community. The role of nurses is explored by their actions with aggregate population, community partners, and other health providers.
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    this doesn't really pertain to your topic.... but Mayb you can answer my question.... How long does it take to become a NP in NJ....I realize its a broad question but im not very familiar with the process here.... I'm wondering If it would involve doing a particular MS programme?