Resurrection University Applying for 2014

  1. Hi!
    I'm hoping to apply for Resurrection University Fall 2014. I'm curious as to the admission process. My science GPA isn't so good, but by overall GPA is good. Anyone applying for 2014 or has anyone had any trouble getting in because of their science GPA?
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  3. by   Thenurse2b
    Hi, amari! I plan on applying for the fall of 2014 if my science classes are done before the deadline. What do you consider not good? Because looking at some of the previous posters their science was like a 3.2 average.
  4. by   amarie03
    Hi [COLOR=#003366]Thenurse2b,
    My science gpa is only a 2.5, so it doesnt even meet the requirements. From what i've read they said that they accept you on a case to case basis if you dont meet all the requirements. My overall is a 3.4. Have you taken the TEAs yet?
  5. by   Thenurse2b
    No, but I was wondering if I can take it in my town since I'm not from Chicago. If not i plan to take it in Jan. what about you?
  6. by   amarie03
    I took the TEAs through a different school, and I had to have my TEAS Transcript sent over to Resurrection.
  7. by   SLB86
    I plan to apply for 2014. I am taking Micro this Spring 2014 at a community college and will work hard for an A. I got two C's and an A so far in my science requirements. I am going to began the applications process ASAP, I am currently studying for the TEAS exam, and preparing my personal statement. I have read pervious threads about various nursing programs, I think a strong personal statement always put the icing on the cake.
  8. by   amarie03
    I really hope there's enough room left for those who don't meet the requirements. I haven't heard anything on any recent threads about them accepting applicants with low science gpa. I'm hoping my personal statement will make a difference.
  9. by   Xoxstefanix3
    did any of you guys make the program? If you did do you like it? I am really interested in this program