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Hello all! Since no one else started a forum for RTC RN program for this upcoming Fall 2013 quarter I thought I might as well! Anyone else applied?! Applicants are chosen by lottery so lets keep... Read More

  1. by   pacificoastnurse
    Worst school ever. Good luck you'll need it. Or drop out now and try somewhere else. It's worth it to wait it out and go somewhere else. I wish I had. They aren't accredited. Many hospitals will not hire you after you graduate since they aren't accredited. Many teachers have been fired. The dean was recently fired. This program is a mess. I know it's hard to wait to get into nursing school but it will be in your best interest to wait a little longer and save yourself the trouble from this place.
  2. by   beeskipper1023
    That's very discouraging.....although this is not the first time I heard this. I know a few people who went to rtc for their lpn and they were very disappointed and I know a girl who is in the RN program now who warned me also. And with all the negative comments I heard I still applied. I took all my pre req's at rtc and I absoulutely love this school. I love all the instructors I had in the past. They were very good.I can't imagine going anywhere else. Hopefully all the bad nursing inatructors several people mentioned to me are all gone and replaced with better ones and all the awful experiences that some students went through are subjective..I want to create an experience of my own.I talked to the nursing advisor about their accreditation. They're washington accredited but not nationally accredited yet since the RN program is very new and it will take a couple years and by the time I graduate it will be...I know you mean well but hopefully my experience with this college is a great one
  3. by   pacificoastnurse
    I took all my pre-reqs there also and loved the teachers too. Unfortunately the problem instructors are not gone but the dean is so hopefully it does get turned around when you're there. If you'd like I can tell you more but I'd rather not post anything public. If it's your only option then just fight through it. I mean they've had 3 cohorts now with this new program, hopefully 4th time is a charm.
  4. by   beeskipper1023
    Yes definitely I would like to know more thank you
  5. by   Nalabonita2014
    Just applied to the RN-Spring cohort for rtc
    but I am selected to start bellingham technical college rn program in April 8th . I must make my decision to stay at bellingham or give the seat up to a wait listed student in hopes of a closer college and a accredited "nationally" approved program....I know rtc is in the pipeline to getting approved by the time I graduate from what the administration says. Let me know if anyone is waiting for the lottery seats for spring 2014
  6. by   brooke.phaganLPN
    Hello, can you guys tell me how the program is doing? I am wanting to apply to there lpn-rn program.
  7. by   Letisha nelson
    Can I ask did any of you get inline to turn in your application early or am I just crazy?
  8. by   beeskipper1023
    WOW it's been so long.... anywho this school is still only Washington state accredited. It didn't matter!I graduated, passed the NCLEX with 75 questions and got a RN job before graduation! Nationally accredited or not it really depends how hard a student is willing to commit. I LOVE THIS SCHOOL. Did not regret going there at all.
  9. by   Binder

    thinking about applying here for RN school for fall/spring quarter...?
    Although cannot seem to find when the spring quarter application dealine is :/

    but anywho...
    how were the professors? I hear the nursing program is a very tedious program everywhere.. is it more hands on there.. ( have heard that from some people).

    second question: did u do all the pre reqs for this school @ renton tech? or else where?
    i hear they prefer pre reqs to be completed at the school @ renton only..
  10. by   #futurenurse
    I realized this is really old. However, I was hoping you would see this and tell me about your experience at RTC. I am starting their program in a few weeks.