Renton Technical College RN Program Fall 2013 - page 4

Hello all! Since no one else started a forum for RTC RN program for this upcoming Fall 2013 quarter I thought I might as well! Anyone else applied?! Applicants are chosen by lottery so lets keep our fingers crossed! Also,... Read More

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    Thank you brightbulb! Good luck on your program as well. I'm so anxious lol

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    Did they call you yet or do you have to wait until the 26th to find anything out?!?!
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    They didn't call today, I wanted to call them but I've been bugging them for two weeks lol I might give them a call tomorrow to bug them again until they let me in.
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    I hope I'm able to register before the 26th so I got time to get my tuition money situated.
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    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got in!!!!! Lol, thanks once again brightbulb.
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    OMG yay!! CONGRATS!!!! WOOHOO!! We'll be getting our supply list in mid August! SO EXCITED!!!!!!
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    Thanks Irriena! Im so excited too, Oh ya will they mail the list to us?
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    I'm not sure?? They just told me they're revamping the whole list and to ck back mid aug??
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    I got a list from the bookstore...lists of books and materials for the first and second year of nursing...I guess that's the old list...
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    Worst school ever. Good luck you'll need it. Or drop out now and try somewhere else. It's worth it to wait it out and go somewhere else. I wish I had. They aren't accredited. Many hospitals will not hire you after you graduate since they aren't accredited. Many teachers have been fired. The dean was recently fired. This program is a mess. I know it's hard to wait to get into nursing school but it will be in your best interest to wait a little longer and save yourself the trouble from this place.

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