Regis University CHOICE, Lower cum GPA?

  1. I'm very interested in applying for the CHOICE program at Regis next January. I've done my fair share of research in nursing programs in the Denver Metro area and I believe this would be a good fit for me. Now that I'm all excited about it, I'm wondering if anyone out there was accepted with a less than stellar (just below 3.0) GPA for their undergrad degree cum GPA. I'm currently taking my pre-reqs and that will include 3 of the 4 sciences needed. I plan to bust it out and get A's in all my pre-reqs. I'd like to think I'm a better student 6 years later than I was when I was farting around in undergrad. I know my pre-req GPA will be higher than my undergrad GPA. I do currently work at a hospital as a program coordinator, I'll have strong recommendations and some moderate volunteer experience.

    I am planning to go to the info session in April, but until then I'm not getting too much information out of the admissions counselor, which is understandable, because I'm sure she doesn't want to have to repeat herself. Can anyone give me some input in the meantime? Also, if you're in the program are you liking the schedule.

    Thanks so much for your responses. As if this all isn't stressful enough, I'd like to have a glimmer of hope!

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  3. by   tinybabynurse
    I'm not in the CHOICE program, but I'm in the accelerated program at Regis. I know at least a couple of people in my class that had below a 3.0 cumulative undergrad gpa, but a 4.0 in prereq's (esp. the 4 main sciences). So it's definitely something to go for, especially if you get all A's in the prereq's. I LOVE Regis...the instructor's are extremely supportive, nothing like a lot of the posts on here about instructors. And my classmates are very very smart and driven, but it's more of a collaborative feeling between us rather than a super competitive atmosphere. Definitely go to the info meeting...I'm pretty sure that attendance at the meeting waives your application fee. It's not much, but every little bit helps! Good luck!
  4. by   IrishMama
    Thanks so much for the response! So far the pre-reqs are going my way, so we'll see how it goes. I'm relieved to hear not everyone had a 4.0 in undergrad. The thought did dawn on me that my pre-req grades will also help pull up my overall cum. That's great you love Regis, I hope someday I will love my nursing school if I ever get in :chuckle