Regis University Applying May 2009

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    Hey is anyone out there applying for the May start of the accelerated program at Regis??? We nervously wait to hear the news together!!!
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    Hey! Yeah I just applied to the accelerated BSN program at Regis for May 2009! I am very anxious but very excited!
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    So are you from the Denver area, or living somewhere else? I'm in California right now, so it's a really big hop skip and a jump for me
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    I am in California too! Where did you do your undergrad? I'm at Cal Poly. I can't wait to move to Colorado!
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    Haha, thats awesome! I'm SOOO excited too, I've been itching to move there for years now! I did my undergrad at Cal State Long Beach, and live in Orange County now. What was your undergrand in?
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    Animal Science. What about you? Did you apply to a lot of other schools? I'm applying to two others, and crossing my fingers.
    Do you know when we are supposed to hear about our interview status?
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    I was kinesiology, with an emphasis in fitness. I only applied there, I pretty much decided I need to go to colorado, so if i don't get in this round, I'll try for the next jan. start date.

    I'm not sure exactly about the interviews, i think i read somewhere that they are supposed to be held in Oct. sometime. So I'm not sure how much notice we will be getting on that.
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    Regis is definitely my number one pick. Hopefully we were the only ones who applied. Then we're in for sure!
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    I have also applied for the May 09 accelerated BSN program at Regis. I saw your comment about interviews, I was just wondering where you got that information? I completed my app. but I did not hear that interviews were to follow & if so I need to make arrangements to get out to CO, I'm from CA too! Thanks
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    Hey AshBlonde83!
    When they sent the email saying that the application deadline was moved up to September they said that interviews would be conducted in October. What a small world!

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