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Nursing Program @Grand Canyon University - page 13

Anyone know if the GCU nursing program is ok? Good teachers? Accredited? I know it's expensive and they were financially strapped as of Jan '04, but supposedly that's behind them.... Read More

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    I am into my 4th class in the on line BSN @GCU. Basically it is a fast track program, classes lasting 5 week long (short). Intense - yes, easy @ time -yes. I work full time, have kids and husband and laundry and dishes and 1 dog and 2 cats and soo far I am makin it with wonderful grades. I will finish with my BSN Sep. 2010, started May 09....
    Great school, just you need to be on your toes and computer savy.
    good luck!
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    I am thinking about applying for the pre-nursing program at GCU however, where can i find the deadline to apply and what they require for GPA? Im from Oregon and have over 120 credits-- however mainly business courses because im changing majors. My only concern as of now is my GPA being too low and I wont be accepted to any schools. Money isnt much of an issue, i just want to do the fast tract they have (2 yr program) and not be on a waiting list. Also, i will be a CNA in July.
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    Cardiac- I went to University of Arizona and have worked with GCU graduates. Honestly, they are just as good as any other RN I know. I don't consider GCU a "diploma mill" either. Do you know that ASU and U of A both have online degrees? You keep implying that online Universities are "diploma mills." There is a demand for online classes due to the amount of people who need to work and go to school. I personally see nothing wrong with it.
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    I am interested in the BSN program at GCU in Tucson, but I can't find a list of the prerequisites for transfer anywhere! Can someone help?