no school out there for western pa single working mom

  1. I have looked and looked for a school to fit my needs and have come up with a bunch of no's. can anyone help? I am an LPN and also a single working mom. I live in western pa and need to get my RN with a mostly online program. I would LOVE to be able to quit work and go to school but that is totally out of question. I have a great daylight job and do not even want to find different job to go back to school. Here is what I found... no local colleges with bridge programs, hospitals in Pittsburgh and universities near me that offer RN is a full time daylight commitment, programs in bordering states that are mostly online(I figured I could drive one day every two weeks for clinic four hours away if it meant getting my degree) coast out of this world(seriously 50,000) and are ineligible for no federal/state grants or loans. I would actually love to have hands on clinic or few classes in person, I learn better that way but like I said I cant commit to all day, all week classes. Does anyone know of a program/school? I know a bout Excelsior already and will probably have to end up going this way if I don't find anything else.(bad for me because it is all out of pocket cost which will severely slow my progress if not make it impossible altogether)
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  3. by   TashaLPN2006RN2012
    I did Excelsiors' Program, they also offer scholarships too, and it does suck paying out of pocket, however, NO STUDENT LOANS to pay back when you graduate which means you get all that RN pay without paying it back in loans! =) It took me a little over 19 mo to finish.