NCTC ADN Fall 2013

  1. I'm going to Gainsville next week to apply for the ADN program and was wondering if anyone else was looking to do the same. I live in Lewisville, so Gainsville is quite a drive, but I'd be willing to car pool! Has anyone started to study for the Kaplan? I need to get started on that since the test is scheduled to take place at the end of June. Good luck to all of the applicants!
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  3. by   Khor
    I applied the first week of May, and haven't picked up the study guide yet. I have read A&P for Dummies is a good resource to help brush up on the A&P side. I am going to wait and read a bit more to see if I want to drop the money on the study guide, which is good for just the math and reading.

    How did you do in terms of priority points? I'm sitting at 11/12, so I am hoping that's good enough to at least take the test. Good luck on the application!
  4. by   jls0459
    I thought I had 11/12, but I could have 10/12. I guess it depends on how they figure my GPA. I know in previous years, the cut off was around 10 PP so hopefully we will both make the cut. I also have every additional class completed, outside of the nursing curriculum, for the BSN pathway program. I was told they would factor that into their plans when selecting students.

    I'm going to get the AP for Dummies Workbook for a study guide, but I don't plan to buy the Kaplan guide from the bookstore. I have a workbook for the HESI, which covers math and reading so I will use that to brush up in those two areas. Have you taken a look at the practice questions they posted on the website?

    Good luck to you as well! Hopefully we both get some positive letters in the mail!
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  6. by   jls0459
    Nanerz, did you apply to the program?
  7. by   jlg311
    I went to Gainesville yesterday to apply, I'm so nervous! I have 10/12 priority points so hopefully I get invited to test. I bought the Kaplan study guide from the bookstore so I'll start studying for the test soon. Good luck to everyone!
  8. by   jls0459
    Good luck to you, too! I still haven't picked up by study guide for AP, but it is on the to do list!
  9. by   Khor
    I have run through all the practice questions on the NCTC website, and most of it seems pretty straight forward. One question was a little tricky, and that was the dosage question with the 2 oz of medication. It was missing information I would consider important to giving a correct answer, which was when the first dose of medication was given. But without that information, I realized I just had to figure it out from the noon dosage. I work in a hospital, and several nurses thought the same way I did, so it is teaching me to read the problems very carefully. I understand the question, but at first, it really threw me for a loop...

    In regards to the criteria points, I've been told that most all the 11s and 12s get to take the Kaplan, with a range of 10s getting in based on highest GPA. It would seem the 9 recommended points to apply is a long shot to take the test.
  10. by   jls0459
    I took a look at the practice questions too and had a problem with the Asprin tablet question. I agree that most of the questions seem straight forward, but I'm still going to study and bone up on my math skills so that I'm not caught off guard during the test.

    I know its too early to check the website for updates, but I've been checking anways. Hopefully when the application period ends they will be prompt about sending letters out.
  11. by   jlg311
    Does anyone know whether or not you will be able to work while in the program? I'm just trying to plan ahead in case I do get accepted. I know nursing is very difficult and time consuming but if I could stay working then that would be great but at the same time I don't want to jeopardize school. Any advice?
  12. by   jls0459
    I've heard it both ways. I've been told that it is incredibly difficult to work and go to school at the same time, but I'm going to have to figure it out! I also don't want to jeopardize my work in school, but I have to pay my bills.
  13. by   amandacam
    I am in the program and quite a few of my classmates work. Personally, I don't because I'm married and have 3 kids. It gets a little trickier to work in 2nd semester.
  14. by   jlg311
    Thank you amandacam, it's good to know that it is possible. Do you have any advice as far as the Kaplan exam?