National University Los Angeles cohort 18

  1. I just received my appointment for the proctored essay and TEAS exam. Anyone have any advice or examples of essay topics or tips for studying for the exam. All help is very much appreciated!!
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  3. by   DTNurse91
    Hello KryslnRN,

    I have also received my NU Teas 6 & essay appointment. I hope to possibly meet you soon. Gluck studying!
  4. by   peculiarmademoisell
    How is everyone's test? I also applied to this cohort.
  5. by   KrislynRN
    My TEAS was average so I probably won't be getting in. How was your test?
  6. by   DTNurse91
    I got 86% overall, did any of you hear about your essay score? I believe we are also going to hear about our status this week. Let us know if you guys hear anything!
  7. by   KrislynRN
    How did you figure your overall score? I haven't heard anything from national at all, not even about the essay score or overall score
  8. by   DTNurse91
    I was refering to my TEAS 6 overal score, which can be viewed right after the test or by logging into your ATI TEAS account