National University Cohort 50

  1. Hi! I'm a new user here but was wondering if there are any other applicants out here for National University's 50th BSN cohort in San Diego. I've seen pages for the others but I don't think there's one for the upcoming Spring cohort. If there are any of you out there, how are you feeling about the application process? Have you gotten your essay/TEAS date yet?
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  3. by   SummerTrinity
    Hello! I just took my essay on Tuesday! I'm pretty nervous about getting in especially since the cutoff for the last cohort was around 84 points, we'll know around December 22nd. Just praying I did well on my essay, hopefully it will save me!
  4. by   Tony_escalante
    I took my TEAS on Tuesday. In not very happy with my result, but I'm still hoping for the best.
  5. by   A.A.Ron
    Hi guys! I wrote my essay on Tuesday as well. I think my TEAS score and GPA are pretty good, but I'm not as confident in my essay. I think I also read somewhere that admissions doesn't always go with the 40-40-20 breakdown, which worries me since I have no idea what my actual point total is...
  6. by   SummerTrinity
    Where did you see that the admissions don't always go with the 40-40-20 breakdown? When I spoke to my advisor the points for my gpa have been skewed according to the weight (number of units) of the class, which actually really confused me so I have been trying to contact Erica to clarify, but I think she has been busy with all the proctored essays and TEAS.
  7. by   SummerTrinity
    ALSO! What are you guys' gpa and TEAS score?
    I have a 3.25 gpa (which is hurting me so badly), I received an 89.3% on my TEAS and am hoping to get a 4 or above on my essay in order to put me around the same cutoff as last cohort. ),:
  8. by   A.A.Ron
    I got lucky on the TEAS and manage to pull out a 91.3% and my GPA is a 3.7, however I am worried about my essay because it was definitely not my best work. I think I read on one of the previous cohorts' forums that some students weren't positive the admissions stuck to the 40-40-20 point scale. However, who knows if that was accurate or not, it seemed to be mostly speculation.
  9. by   SummerTrinity
    Wow! That's good! You seem like you'll be in good standing. I contacted Erica yesterday and the way they calculate points for gpa have to do with number of units they are individually worth. I spoke with my advisor and he calculated my gpa points for me. Other than that Erica said they still follow the 40-40-20 point system with your essay and TEAS.
  10. by   Pamsw23
    Hi I also applied to the cohort 50. My TEAS result was 88 and I think my GPA is 3.75 but I'm not sure if I calculated it correctly, I'm not sure which classes they consider. I'm not sure about my essay. I'm going crazy waiting for the results.
  11. by   SummerTrinity
    The only classes they take the gpa from is Anatomy, Physiology, Biomedical Statistics and Microbiology. I am also going crazy about the results too, but my advisor said we wouldn't know our essay score till we get accepted or denied! ):
  12. by   Pamsw23
    Ok awesome then that is my GPA. It all falls on my essay now
  13. by   SummerTrinity
    You'll get it! Everyone seems to have such high GPAs compared to me, now I'm really scared!
  14. by   Pamsw23
    You have a high TEAS score so you're like me and hoping our essay brings in the gap.