National University Cohort 50 - page 7

Hi! I'm a new user here but was wondering if there are any other applicants out here for National University's 50th BSN cohort in San Diego. I've seen pages for the others but I don't think there's... Read More

  1. by   rja1993
    Hello everyone. Our Facebook page is "National University BSN Cohort 50 (San Diego)." It is a closed group, so let me know if you are having a hard time looking for it
  2. by   Pamsw23
    There are 2 that come up. I requested to join the one with 2 members lol
  3. by   rja1993
    oh yeah, sorry about that. I was trying to delete the other now But i believe I have accepted you
  4. by   Meg_RN2B
    Thank you for creating the facebook page! Im not super tech savvy so I appreciate you starting it! hopefully im joined to the correct one!
  5. by   A.A.Ron
    Just found out I got accepted as well! Thanks rja1993 for setting up the FB page!
  6. by   Jgriff5
    Has anyone gotten the email yet today?
  7. by   ms.higgins93
    Quote from SummerTrinity
    ALSO! What are you guys' gpa and TEAS score?
    I have a 3.25 gpa (which is hurting me so badly), I received an 89.3% on my TEAS and am hoping to get a 4 or above on my essay in order to put me around the same cutoff as last cohort. ),:
    Hi @SummerTrinity, CNA

    I was wondering did you take your prerequisites with National. I'm taking mine now with them... your 3.5 Gpa was that B's & A's ? Also how long did you study for the TEAS exam?.

    -Hope to hear from you soon