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National University Cohort 50 - page 7

Hi! I'm a new user here but was wondering if there are any other applicants out here for National University's 50th BSN cohort in San Diego. I've seen pages for the others but I don't think there's... Read More

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    Hello everyone. Our Facebook page is "National University BSN Cohort 50 (San Diego)." It is a closed group, so let me know if you are having a hard time looking for it
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    There are 2 that come up. I requested to join the one with 2 members lol
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    oh yeah, sorry about that. I was trying to delete the other now But i believe I have accepted you
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    Thank you for creating the facebook page! Im not super tech savvy so I appreciate you starting it! hopefully im joined to the correct one!
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    Just found out I got accepted as well! Thanks rja1993 for setting up the FB page!
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    Has anyone gotten the email yet today?