Mount Saint Mary's College (Doheny)

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    Hello all

    i have some questions, i recently applied to msmc for the pre-nursing option or adn program for spring 2014. Im really worried how many students are admitted from the transfer pool? my average in classes is a B i have a 2.9 in the sciences and 3.0-1 in other classes i only have 35 credits. If any of you MSMC transfer students have been admitted can you please reply with how easy or hard it was to get in? do i have a chance?
    thank you for your time guys i would greatly appreciate it)<3

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    I was a transfer student it wasn't easy, took the teas, had the interview n got in. My GPA was a 3.0 and I had lots of volunteer work
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    Hello! I am curious… Did you get in? My friend applied to the same program. She is still waiting to find out if she is accepted.
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    Hi! I received an email yesterday saying they wanna schedule an interview w me. I applied for the LVN-RN bridge. I feel like it's a little early for interview?
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    Msmc does the interview around this time. Orientation will be December and then you start in january. My friend is a lvn as well.
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    Oh okay. That makes sense. I wonder how many LVNs they take in per semester.
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    I'm hearing opposite things! People are saying when you get invited to do an interview you're like borderline so they wanna get to know you before making a final decision. Cus there's some people who don't interview and they're the ones who are guaranteed. But I also hear people say that when you get interviewed it's a good sign.

    Has anyone been interviewed and not get accepted?
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    Hi everyone! I applied for Spring '14 LVN-ADN program. I haven't heard anything back yet. Kinda starting to worry /: Keeping my fingers crossed though! Good luck to all of you [:
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    My friend hasn't heard from anybody as well. Do not lose hope… You should be able to get in any Cal State as long as you have a good GPA. It is easier, cheaper, and you will earn your BSN.
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    Thank you everyone for the feedback Greatly appreciated!!

    I still haent heard anything yet though. but the more im looking into the school im hearing alot of bad reviews on the ADN program here. So i do not know:/

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