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  1. Hello All,

    A little about me - have been considering nursing for a while, but had a steady job that I liked.. Now I am out of job and have an ability to take pre-reqs. A little about me - hold Bachelor of Business from 2003, with a low undergrad gpa of 2.6. Miami Dade accelerated program requires 2.5. I have following questions for you experts:

    - what are my chances of getting into the program? Should I ace pre-reqs first and then apply? Any other tips?
    - I read about TEAS exam on this board, however, on the MDC webpage for accelerated nursing there is no mentioning of this exam. Is it only for those without prior degree and exam is waved for the others?
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  3. by   funn
    Ace your pre-req first, n the teas is no longer given. So they might have a new test by the time you applied
  4. by   Futurenurse876
    Did you ever completed your prerequisites and applied to the accelerated program ?
  5. by   Lurdes777
    Hi, Yes, i am completing my last class at the moment, which is microbiology. And I apply for the January 2016 program.
  6. by   Futurenurse876
    Me too! Congrats