LA Southwest college Spring 2018

  1. Hello Everyone,
    I am starting this thread so we can help each other out on the application process and our status of applying la southwest, i am currently studying for the teas and applying to the program, feel free to share info !
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  3. by   compassion_driven
    I was an alternate for fall 2017 so I will be in the Spring 2018 cohort! Good luck with applications, hope you get in!
  4. by   Araceli24
    Hi I also applied and just got back my evaluation allowing me to continue with the second part of the application. I'm currently working on my essay.

    Compassion_driven, did you get notified already because you previously applied?
  5. by   compassion_driven
    I was chosen as an alternate for fall 2017 and there weren't enough spots for me so I'll be automatically in for spring 2018 they said
  6. by   Araceli24
    thsts great that you are in already! Congrats!
  7. by   Dream2bnRN
    I also applied! Now it's time to Wait. Good luck for everyone.
  8. by   redguapo1
    hi everyone,

    can anyone comment on time frames? Rather, i took prereqs from 2012...will they still count? thank you