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I have a co-worker currently about halfway through this program, and she's been telling me about it. She makes it seem so attractive, d/t the fact that the program does not require all the common... Read More

  1. by   DNPpat
    Double check about the accreditation; what you want is not 'regional' accreditation or general accreditation. You want a program with national accreditation for nursing education. I believe their BSN programs are nationally accredited, but not sure about their MSN programs. Kaplan has had some very public accusations about misleading students about accreditation (not to say that is the case here, but double check prior to enrollment)
  2. by   OfeliaMSN
    Can you tell me anything about the DNP program? Test? Teachers?
  3. by   turbo23

    I just finished the BSN part of it and in the MSN leadership now and i love it. Kaplan is not a diploma mill univesity. I work my butt and still get a B on my essays and assignments. I've read reviews before on how easy it is and it is not.

    I was originally in the NP program but changed my mind to the leadership program. The more and more i interview NPs in the field, the less i want to become an NP.

    I want to get out of bedside. I am a recovery room nurse and i love it for now. I have been doing that for over 15 years. I don't see myself doing more clinicals as an NP and seeing over 15 patients a day. I make more than an NP as a staff RN. Also fighting for autonomy and MDs giving you the patients they don't want is not where i want to go.

    Good luck!
  4. by   travlin
    I would assume that since this post you have completed the informatics program. I am also considering that program. Would you please share your experience and outcomes.
  5. by   nurseljcst
    @tlc050505 I'm currently looking into Kaplan's NI program. I received my ASN and my BSN from Kaplan, no complaints here. How did the MSN/NI program work for you?