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I have a co-worker currently about halfway through this program, and she's been telling me about it. She makes it seem so attractive, d/t the fact that the program does not require all the common... Read More

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    I just enrolled for the rn bsn program. My situation is kinda crazy because i have a bs and mph and doctorate. I need the bsn because i want to go to a particular DNP program. I am wondering about the clinical component that i was just informed of as of today. It was weird because it is nowhere in the description of the program so i am kinda wondering what that consist of.

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    Ms. Navy Nurse

    I have only one question why not go to the Federal Government...all you need is an MBA & you'll get 6 figures...with less stress. I admire your degrees...why nou USE them in a place that will reward you...look Federal....Wash DC or search around.
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    Sorry...the clinical part is when you go out to various facilities with instructors...find out how many semesters. I did one with each class. Psych, MS, Maternal child, etc. That was 35 years ago, though.
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    Double check about the accreditation; what you want is not 'regional' accreditation or general accreditation. You want a program with national accreditation for nursing education. I believe their BSN programs are nationally accredited, but not sure about their MSN programs. Kaplan has had some very public accusations about misleading students about accreditation (not to say that is the case here, but double check prior to enrollment)
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    Can you tell me anything about the DNP program? Test? Teachers?

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