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Has anyone taken the Kaplan nursing entrance exam? I previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at Baker for entrance into the program for the fall. Unfortunately, I did not make the... Read More

  1. by   priya23
    Good luck enraymond. I wish you the best. I take my test for Carrington tomorrow morning. I hope to be classmates
  2. by   Angelicamarie
    I just took the Kaplan test for the university of South Dakota and found it to be pretty basic. I did not study and got a 88 on it. The science section was all a&p, and I am only half way through a&p 1 so it was difficult for me and I scored a low 65 on that section.
  3. by   meowkippen
    Thank you everyone this was a very helpful thread. I couldn't find anything online about this Kaplan entrance test. I take mine next Saturday at the Carrington in Reno A few questions Were there a lot of geometry questions? Also I heard the writing section was horrible, what did you guys think about it? I hope you all did great! Thanks! -Sheri
  4. by   MADELINE2010
  5. by   priya23
    hello madeline2010.. I did do the best I could but it wasnt good enough. I studied from three different books, the old heci book, the kaplan study guide, and this book I got off of kindle. I got a 91 in the reading but I scored in the low 70s for the math and writing. I plan on taking it again in April. Thank you for the positive energy.. I defiantly need it. I focused more on the science portion but I didnt even take a science test. It was sort of frustrating, but I will do better next time!! Best wishes to you all as well
  6. by   scmceach
    Hello all,

    I took the Kaplan test this past weekend.
    I got a 65% the first time, because I sucked pretty bad on the A & P part, but I'm retaking it in September and I didn't really study before I took it either but I have the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exams book, I reviewed that and I plan to mainly use my Anatomy and Physiology books to cover the high points of each section. Happy Testing!!
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  9. by   no11y
    Does anyone know where I can take the Kaplan Nursing Entrance Exam?? I have been looking everywhere and can't find anywhere close that offers it! I'm applying to a school in Colorado but live in California. I can't find it anywhere in CA. Please help!
  10. by   NeoNatMom
    Quote from goodguyrn2010
    No I am attending now, and will take the test soon, I have some info that may be of use to you, I have figured out a lot about the test itself from others.
    GoodGuy, Do you think you could message me as well??? I took it once at one school to try it our but really want to do well this next time around. PM me if possible! Thanks so much for this thread!!!
  11. by   rnhope2b
    Has anyone used the McGraw Hill guide and had success with that? Is there any one particular guide that does it all for the Kaplan exam? Just wondering why a exam study guide would prepare you for information that is not used on the exam. Would like anyone's best advice. I have 3 weeks to study for this exam and need to make the most of my time. Thank you!
  12. by   Soso3
    Hi just wanted to know how are you, calculating your points I noticed you had said you had a 25.92 I was wondering how was that calculated and did you attend bakers I realize that this post was posted in 2011 I just thought I would comment with the hope that maybe you might see my question
  13. by   jcgnxx
    Has anyone taken Kaplan's KTP test. I'm striving to start the RN program in the fall and I studied the study guide my counselor gave me, but a lot of people are telling me that the test is harder then what is on the study guide. PLEASE HELP !!!!! The only parts of the test they count are English and Math. Anything is helpful.