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has anyone taken the kaplan nursing entrance exam? i previously took the net, and applied to the nursing program at baker for entrance into the program for the fall. unfortunately, i did not make... Read More

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    The Kaplan book itself is useless don't waste your money. There really isn't a book that prepares for the Kaplan. If I could describe the test, either you know it or you don't. The Math is very easy the science is the hardest part. I spent countless hours studying for that exam and none of the books I had were even close to the format of the exam. I know ppl who are in the program got an 89 on the exam and never opened a book.

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    The Kaplan study guide did not help at all. The math was A LOT easier than in the book (all decimals, fractions, percentages, with a few word problems). I am kicking myself now for not going back and double-checking my answers with the extra time I had. The reading was a breeze but the writing was, as others have stated, annoying. It was hard to pick the right answer because so many were similar and/or the questions were a bit confusing. There were no spelling questions and no analogies. The science was by far the hardest. I studied my A&P but that didn't really help, the questions were too specific.

    Overall, I thought the test was a lot easier than I had built it up to be. Fortunately my school only looks at Reading and Math which were my two highest scores. I have a 4.0 in school and got an 81% overall. I hope this helps, I know I was freaking out a bit!
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    Thanks for the advise everyone!
    Very helpful.
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    can you guys tell me the book of the name cuz i been searching online and all i see is the kaplan nursing school entrance exam and i am takin the test next year
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    I took the Kaplan test and did not pass it. I am trying to retake it again. If somebody have retake the test I would like to know if the questions from the second retake test are the same or different? I really appreciate any help.

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    Hi I took the Kaplan test and did not pass it. I am trying to retake it again. If somebody have retake the test I would like to know if the questions from the&nbsp;second retake test&nbsp;are the same or different? I really appreciate any help.<BR><BR>Thnaks
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    where can I get samples of past RN exams for me to practice with? Thanks
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    I just attended new student orientation at Gwinnett Technical College, GA. There, you are required to take the Kaplan as well. However, as far as what is covered, the director for those pursuing nursing at our college told us that the Kaplan (everywhere) will have some math, reading as well as writing, and then plenty of critical thinking about what you have covered in your micro and anatomy/physiology courses. Being able to think and apply that knowledge will make or break you so be able to know things such as " If ---- has high cholesterol, how might this effect the ------- system?" This is simply an example, of course. Choose the best answer, reading through all the choices since one may only say 1 thing that might effect the ----- system, rather than the better answer which might be more so like " the ------ system would be affected by -------, -------- & ----------. The Kaplan will also highlight some chemistry, however many schools don't require chem prior to or during any point in their program. If that is the case for your school, they might omit those chem based questions, but still have them in the exam. I would check to make sure this is the case for you personally, since all colleges are different. The directir simply told us they would not count against us at this school. I hope this helps, just know your sciences that apply and you should be okay. Make sure you practice. Good Luck and God Bless!
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    I was just wondering what kind of conversions were on the math portion. For example, are there a lot of metric conversions, and if so do you remember what they were? Or, are they conversion between fractions and decimals, and vise versa?
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    So, I seem to be seeing mixed reviews.... Was the study guide helpful? Would you add something else to make your prep more effective, if so what? Finishing A&P in a few days, but not taking the entrance exam until February. I'm nervous about waiting so long. Any advice is welcome!
    Thanks :spin:

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