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J Sargeant Reynolds 2014 Spring Class Applicants

  1. 1 Hey all,
    Just wondering if anyone else out there has applied to the JSRCC Nursing Program for the spring semester 2014. If so, please post GPAs, Kaplan scores, and whether or not you have a bachelors degree already. Because this is the first semester that all parts of the Kaplan are taken into account, I'm curious to know how my scores compare. I have a 3.8 GPA- I took ITE115 3 years ago and didn't withdraw so ended up getting an F, but took it again and got an A, and A's in every other pre-req class. 100 in reading, 96 in math, 70 in science, and 90 in writing. I'm extremely worried about the science score. If anyone else has applied or knows any helpful information, please post! Thanks!
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    Hey your statistics look, if you haven't already found out, I'm sure you'll get in. So did you get your acceptance letter yet? I also applied for the spring 2014 class and wait to hear! Best of luck to you!
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    I meant your statistics look GREAT!
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    Thanks, coleryan! Best of luck to you as well. No news yet, and we're officially at 6 weeks! I check the mail everyday thinking today's the day, but no luck. Anyone hear anything about when we should expect letters?
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    Just spoke to a woman in the admissions department, got accepted, yay! She said everyone should receive their letters today! Again, best of luck to you, coleryan!
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    That's awesome. Congrats! Did you call her vice versa?
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    I called her. Didn't expect her to just tell me over the phone but glad I didn't have to wait the extra 8 hours til the mail came!
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    Hey everyone! I also was accepted into the Spring 2014, J. Sargeant Reynolds Nursing program. I am excited!! Congrats to you too!! I hear they are accepting more applications through Dec 13... Which is interesting. Glad they didn't delay our letters. See you all at Orientation!
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    Congrats to all who got accepted. I have a question to anyone who has applied to the JSRCC nursing program. I am planning to apply to the program and have not done the Kaplan exam. Any tips for passing that exam, I plan to take it in the next month or two?
    Any books I can get to help me out? I plan to apply for the fall.

    Thank you!
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    I took the test and struggled a lot. Did you pass successfully yet? I've looked into tutoring but haven't found any luck. The school will not even help me.