How hard is it to get into Ohio State's nursing program?

  1. 0 I am currently enrolled at Edison Community College as a pre-nursing major. My original plan was to attain my ASN from Edison and then enter an RN to BSN program, ideally at Ohio State. However, after much deliberation, I have decided to just apply for a bachelors program right away rather than get my associates. So, I have a plethora of questions, and since I visit this site often to find answers, I thought I would start a thread myself!
    1) Is the idea of going straight into the bachelors program a good idea?
    2) How hard is it to get into Ohio State?
    3) Would I be better off applying to schools like Otterbein or Kettering?

    Here are my "credentials":
    -4.0 GPA in all prerequisite courses for the Ohio State BSN program
    -3.86 overall GPA
    -Volunteer in the ER at a local hospital
    -Volunteer EMT
    -Was homeschooled and thus have only a GED (I like to think I'm an intelligent individual, however, as the GED stigma is somewhat negative)

    I started this thread mostly for people who have been to or have experience with Ohio State's nursing program or the programs of Otterbein or Kettering. I would love some advice, so thank you in advance!
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