help finding easy 2nd degree accelerated nursing programs

  1. Hi all, I live in northern va and need suggestions on an accelerated nursing program.
    I have a bachelors degree already in psychology, and have taken all my prereqs except microbiology, which i will be taking this jan. The problem is most of my sciences are about 7 years old, which narrows down the programs i can apply to tremendously. I wouldnt mind going out of state but am looking more so for something close to this area. The applications and requirements are all so different and its really frustrating so any advice on any programs would be greatly appreciated! so far i have looked into

    Remington college in FL
    Shenandoah Univ
    Marymount Univ
    university of texas at el paso
    salisbury univ in md
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  3. by   21strawberry
    I'm not sure if others will have different experiences, but I can't imagine that many of the programs are easy. I did Villanova's 16 month BSN Express program and my pre-reqs were also about 7 years out. So it was a lot of work to cram in some classes in a couple semesters at local community colleges. I took online courses and lecture courses concurrently at two separate colleges to get it done more quickly. Drexel has a 14 month ACE program. Unless you're a really recent grad, getting your pre-reqs up to date is a bit annoying...and I would imagine that most programs have the same requirements. Good luck!
  4. by   sweetie015
    Hi there! I have a BS in Mass Communications and I've just been accepted to Shenandoah University's Accelerated Second Degree BSN program for Jan '14 (yay!) You can either apply to attend at their main campus (in Winchester,VA) for the program or you can choose their No. VA location, like I am (it's considered Leesburg but its more like Ashburn...only a few minutes from INOVA Loudoun Hospital). Other options are George Mason University and Marymount University. Duration of program, cost, prereqs, etc will vary so I would suggest checking out their program websites and attending info sessions at each school. Good luck!