GSCC RN Program 2013 hopefuls

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    I've applied to GSCC RN Program for Fall 2013. Has anyone else applied and would like to share information?
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    I did too! I really hope I get in because I haven't applied anywhere else! The wait is killing me
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    Glad i finally got a response from someone. Lol Yes, i am really stressing! I havent applied anywhere else either. Do you know how long it usually takes to find out anything?
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    The website says it will take 4-6 weeks after the deadline of April 15, so that would be from may 13th through may 27th
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    Hope you don't mind me asking, but how many points did you end up with total? I ended up with 187 points.
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    Um ok I made a 75.3 on the teas- 113 points 30 ap 1 30 ap 2 micro 30 (still pending final grade but most likely 30) 11 for core so.. 214 if I do end up with a B in micro then 204. I know alot of people with way less. 187 sound like a very strong rank to me
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    Wow!!! That is a great score and your total points are awesome!! No worries, I'm sure you're in! I hope 187 is good enough and thanks for the encouragement!
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    I'm so glad I'm finally finding posts for this year lol I've been so nervous. How do you know that a 73.5 is 113 points?
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    Nevermind that said 75.5 lol
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