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grossmont or palomar?

  1. 0 Which college has a better acceptance rate for their rn program? Anyone in either university that could share experiences or tips for someone new to this?
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    First I should say that I did not get into Palomar but I did get into Cal State San Marcos Generic BSN but I will share what I experienced.

    I work at Grossmont Hospital and many staff have attended Gross CC for their ADN and say its a great program. When I applied to Palomar they were still taking half of their students from a waitlist and the other half from apps ... so only 18 new students. Grossmont has TWO app dates - one for spring and one for fall so I believe Grossmont admits more students per year. I never took classes at Grossmont but I have heard nothing but good things about the community college. I did take some general ed at Palomar and LOVED it there.

    Look at the list or impaction criteria and do everything on the list that you can. Trust me it all helps. Apply to both places. Apply if you have all your pre reqs done and even if you don't get in keep working on those points and reapply. Good luck!
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    Hi @luv_o_so_much Do you mind if you can kindly share your application points for Palomar...I'm applying after this semester and I'm just really nervous. I called their Nursing dept to ask the points range that receive acceptance but the lady there said they don't talk about points...

    Thank you in advance!
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    I just got my letter of acceptance into Palomar College today, message me if you wanna know about my stats or have questions.