Grayson College ADN Fall 2017 - page 4

I was wondering if anyone was applying for Grayson Fall 2017 ADN program? I know we still have time, but wanted to see if anyone on here was applying! Taking my Hesi Saturday!... Read More

  1. by   e.amberly
    Hey guys I received my blue card in the mail today! Oh happy day!! One step closer!
  2. by   PStar
    I received mine last week
  3. by   Chrissyb513
    Has anyone heard anything else??
  4. by   e.amberly
    I turned in my final shot record and they just told me that they're waiting until final transcripts are due (May 25) to make final decisions but still said by the 2nd week of June we should all know.
  5. by   Chrissyb513
    Do they email if we got in or mail a letter? I've seen it sent both ways depending on the school.