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Georgia State Perimeter (GPC) Fall 2017

  1. 0 Hey everyone,

    Just wanted to see who else applied for GPC's ADN program for Fall 2017. I know its super early in the process, but just wanted to have a place where we could share our anxieties lol.

    Also, did anyone else hear at one of the info sessions that they would try and give acceptances to strong candidates sooner rather than later, like in January? I seem to remember this, but not sure if its just wishful thinking haha.
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    I did not attend an info session. I just applied today and I cant take the TEAS until the 28th. With the deadline being the 31st I wonder if they will consider my application.
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    You get your scores immediately, and if you go ahead and have them sent ($27) right after you take the test I don't see why they wouldn't consider you. They deliver the scores electronically so they would get them right away.
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    I just took my Teas today and will be applying on Monday. I am transferring from Chattahoochee Tech, I hope I get in!
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    Does anyone know the average stats for the previous class? TEAS, science GPA, Overall GPA

    I am late to the game and was and am applying to Chatt tech's program as well. Is this school all based on a point system as well without an interview? Thank for you help in advance.
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    They don't run on a points program like Chatt Tech. They look at overall GPA and tests scores. You must have a B in A&P and Lab to be considered with a minimum of a 63 on Teas for individual, math and reading. I was told high 70's to 80's on Teas to be competitive. They take about 150 students where Chatt only takes about 35-40 I think.
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    Thank you CBZ29. The class size alone makes me feel more hopeful than with Chatt Tech. Thank you again for the information.
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    I finished my application today actually. I'm going to also apply to GSU-main campus but I'm stuck on whether I should get my ASN now and do a BSN bridge immediately after or straight to BSN. Brain is splitting itself.

    Teas: 84.7%
    GPA: 3.66
    Bio GPA: 3.5