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  1. Hello to all!

    I have decided to pursue graduate nursing, specifically, acute care nurse practitioner interests me the most! My experience includes two years on a medical/surgical floor, and recently I just accepted a position at the same hospital as a float/swat nurse team member. As a floater, I'll be able to work on any unit in the hospital and as a swat nurse I am the 'helper/resource' nurse that helps out any nurse in the hospital with any task they ask of me.

    My education includes: Bachelors Nursing, as well as a bachelors in Psychology/Chemistry. Science GPA is 3.5, nursing GPA is 3.5, overall GPA is 3.56.

    I see that many ACNP programs require acute care experience. My question: will my experience/grades be enough to get me into an ACNP program? Ideally online would be great, but on campus would be okay as well. I looked into Georgetown because my husband will most likely end up going to grad school at George Washington.

    My ultimate goal is to become a hospitalist NP.

    Any tips, stories, or input would be much appreciated.
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