GCU Nursing SUMMER 2017

  1. Is there anyone on here that has applied to the nursing program of summer 2017?
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  3. by   Cal952
    I did! Super nervous!
  4. by   BP05
    Has your SSA commented on when they will let us know by?
    mine said maybe mid feb. or the end of feb.

    I am supper nervous too!
  5. by   Cal952
    The date that we are supposed to find out is the 15th, but my advisor said we won't find out until march probably.
  6. by   Kuoc360
    I also applied for the summer. Would you guys mind sharing your GPA and HESI scores? I have a 3.87 overall GPA and I got 90% on my HESI
  7. by   Cal952
    Nice, you have nothing to worry about then! I only have a 3.45, and a 94% on my HESI. I'm having really high doubts at this point, because I know it took a 3.6 to get into the spring program.
  8. by   Kuoc360
    That's a great HESI score! Good work. I know a friend that graduated from GCU and he had a 3.3 GPA and 94% HESI and he got accepted. I think your chances are good
  9. by   Cal952
    I hope you're right! Anxiously waiting for the email
  10. by   BP05
    I hope your right too cause i only have a 3.30 GPA I feel like i have a very low chance. I had a question on my HESI because i took it twice. Do they take the highest score from each subject ?
  11. by   BP05
    These are the scores posted on my application checklist

    Math - 96
    reading - 96
    vocab - 96
    grammar - 90
    A & P - 76
  12. by   Cal952
    Yeah, they take the highest for each one!
  13. by   amandamae6
    We're supposed to find out TODAY!

    Does anybody know what my chances are of getting accepted for the program if I considered a "Tier 2" student?
    My GPA is 3.91 and 90% HESI scores.
  14. by   Cal952
    All I know is that Tier 1 applicants take priority, even if their GPA is not as high as some Tier 2 applicants. I hope we find out today!