Gateway CC Spring 2014 Accelerated RN Program

  1. 0 Just found out that I got into the accelerated RN program at Gateway. Anyone else?
    Anyone been through this program and have tips and tricks to be successful?
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    Hey awesome! :-) I was accepted for Jan. I would love to more about it as well...
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    Congrats! Maybe we can get a group together before orientation!
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    Yeah!! I got accepted too and start Jan 2014
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    Hi everyone, congrats on getting in!! I was accept too, but to the 4 semester traditional program! I was wondering though, has anyone received their orientation packet yet?? I'm so anxious to find out... well, about everything, haha!
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    Congrats, I will also be starting the accelerated nursing program at Gateway spring 2014. I have a friend that goes there and she loves it, but she is in the traditional nursing program. So all I know so far, is according to her: accelerated, is basically the same but with shorter breaks, and we would not have a summer off (so I guess we will know more at orientation). No I have not received my orientation packet yet. My friend also recommends purchasing the Success books. There is a series of them and she says def. get the Test success book, and they have others geared towards specific sections, for example, med surg section in school will have a med surg success book, and there is one for ob and peds for when we do that section, as well as one for psych that she will be using for block 4 spring 2014. Hope this helps. She also said the test success will teach you how to properly answer test questions, b/c every test is set up similarly. Its not like all the core and pre req classes we took to get here, (were every class, every teacher and every test was different.) So even if you don't know the answer it can help you rule out answers and give a better estimated guess. Again this is all from my friend who is in her 3rd block at Gateway traditional nursing program.
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    Hi guys! I am currently in the accelerated program in block 1 at Gateway! Let me know if you have any questions!
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    Just kinda wondering what the schedule is like? How many days a week and the hours? That would be sooo helpful
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    For the first 6 weeks we had school Monday-Tuesday(Theory and Pharm) from 11:30-3:30 and Wednesday-Thursday (Lab both days) from 8-4. Once clinicals begin (week 7) the only thing that changes is Wed-Thursday, the schedule will depend on the assigned clincals days and times.

    It seems to be most busy the first 6 weeks, you may have 2-3 big tests a week! Where as now that clinicals have started for us we may only have 1 per week!

    Let me know if you have any more questions!
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    This is awesome info.! Also, just to make sure everyone got an email from PK Felix on additional info.
    I want to start a study group from day one, anyone interested in joining me?

    I'm so excited to be meeting all of you in January!
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    Hi everybody January is getting closer!!!
    Does everyone have the info for the shots/vaccine stuff? I'm not sure how to go about doing this. is there somewhere any of you can recommend to go to for the positive titers? or place that's reasonable? because all of this is out of pocket expenses. or the TB test? Thanks can't wait to meet all of you btw are you guys all close to the school, I actually live in the West Valley(avondale) should be a fun
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    I am starting Jan 2014 accelerated too!!!!! I'm excited and nervous!! Congrats to all of us, we're finally starting! Can't wait to meet you guys.
    -mkernz I also live in the West Valley (Peoria) and I agree the drive should be fun.
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    Can anyone tell me which book Gateway is using for the fundamental book in block 1?

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