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    I used to be in an ADN program back in 2010. I really enjoyed 1st semester, but got to 2nd semester and the teachers and classmates gave me a bad taste in my mouth...plus the program was horrible. I since then completed my Bachelor's Degree in Human Relations and Business and I was really considering doing the ELINE program at TAMU Corpus Christi. I have done online school for my Bachelor's Degree, so online classes is not a problem. I talked to an advisor and I only need a few more classes to apply, the advisor seemed super nice. I'd probably be able to start next summer(2014).

    Has anyone done this program recently. I saw some have done it in 2010..well that was a while ago and things have changed. Would you recommend this program? Please advise!

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    I've been looking into this program also. What did the advisor say about clinical rotations?

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