Eastern international college (NJ)

  1. Hello everyone! I'm currently an LPN in NJ and I'm starting my RN program in January 2018 at eastern international college in Belleville. I'm wondering if anyone has any inside experience. I went for 2 semesters for MA but didn't finish because I wanted to do nursing so much more so I switched schools. Thanks for your time and input

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  3. by   Uniquezapata
    Hey so glad I found this post. I'm planning on applying to hopefully start January as well. I take my HESI in 2weeks! Were you able to get any information from the inside experience. What does the schedule look like I've taken al of my science courses already since I have a BA in psych but they said they only accept 21 credits so I'm going to have to retake courses even though I already have taken them..bummer..so probably nutrition and maybe algebra since I haven't taken it since 2008..& I think intro to nursing.. which classes are you registered for and the times so I can get an idea of the hours. Sorry for all the questions.