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Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October 15th! Has anyone... Read More

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    hi guys!
    just got the news yesterday that i was accepted for the ACE Fall 2012 program! I am so excited as it is the first school I heard back from! I would love to go here but the cost is absolutley outrageous, and i have previous loans from grad and undergrad already. congrats to everyone whose going in the fall!

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    I just found out that I got in this week! I'm so excited. I applied in late October. A friend of mine went through the ACE program and said "It is the best 11 months that you will never want to repeat again!" I know it will be a lot of hard work but to get a BSN in a little less than a year is amazing. I also have a friend who works at HUP and said that some of her coworkers went through ACE and loved it.

    I have all my prereqs done except Intro to Stat and Medical Ethics. I'm taking both now online at MCCC. My stats are undergrad gpa is 3.75 and prereq gpa is 3.5.

    I'm looking forward to meeting and talking with everyone!


    Quote from angelina726
    Hey guys... Just checking to see if any of you have applied for Drexel's ACE program for the Fall of 2012. I applied this past summer, and I know that they just began looking at applications October 15th!

    Has anyone checked the portal and seen a change in their status?
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    Hello, I was accepted into the BSN program as a transfer student for Fall 2012. I have paid my deposit. Does any one know what the next steps are and supplies needed and when i can enroll
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    Hey guys, I just found out today that I've been accepted to the Drexel's ACE program for this fall!! When is the deadline for confirmation/enrollment? Also, I still haven't taken ethics which is one of the pre-reqs and they didn't mention it on the online acceptance notification will I still need to take it?
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    Hey everyone, I just applied to the program and was wondering (if you don't mind me asking!) what your GPA was for those who have already been accepted... I'm nervous and have above a 3.0 but everything is so competitive! Thanks!
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    Hey everyone,

    I have been accepted to Drexel's ACE program Fall 2012. I have yet to be able to make it to an info session and I have some basic questions if anyone who has attended an info session could answer.
    2. Do we need to sign up for classes? when by? how?
    3. i read something about a PDA online, do we buy those or does the school provide?
    4. When is tuition due?
    5. What do we need to prepare for the program? (scrubs/books/etc)

    ANY good information from the info sessions is greatly appreciated... I'm really stressing out.
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    You have 60 days from the date of your acceptance letter to send in a deposit. (at least that's what my acceptance letter said!)

    I think we start in September ... like the second or third week! The academic calendar was tricky to find online.

    I called admissions and the next information session is April 24th...bummer but I'm going to go anyway because more information is always better! The Drexel ACE students at the hospital I work at currently scare the living crap out of me when they talk about the program...plus the cost...which is why I haven't made a decision yet.

    But still...exciting!!!!!
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    I found out yesterday that I was accepted! I applied in January, although very late. I have a 3.4 undergrad GPA and a 3.32 in the prerequisite classes (I took all of them with the exception of Computer applications/public speaking/communication elective). I was freaking out that I wouldn't get in anywhere so figured I would put that for anyone also worrying
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    Thank you lindsaygags! Congratulations!!! and that's really nice to know because I applied really late too and haven't heard yet, but supposedly the program is still not full.. Maybe there's still hope for me yet!
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    Hey guys I was accepted to the program for Fall 2012, has anyone heard anything about the program in regards to alumni enjoying the program? Was the work manageable given the short time period?! Thanks for your help!

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