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Dilemma about school program

  1. 0 Hi everyone!
    I'm having a hard dilemma right now. So, I just moved to US for about 6 months, and I already had bachelor degree from my country in mass communications major. I came from Indonesia. Then I got accepted in Midwestern State University (MSU), TX and also University of Central Missouri (UCM) for this Fall 2013 to obtain my second Bachelor in Finance major. But I have a thought to change my major into nursing. It is because I have humanity sense in my blood, would given me many skills about helping people and also it paid quite well. Not just that, I remembered last time when there was a big calamity happened in my country, I really wanted to help as a travel nurse, but last time I didn't consider it seriously to become my career path. Instead of that, my family didn't agree with my opinions, they think it wasn't a good idea, because nursing is a hard one, a lot of competitions, and not much job field right now..

    Then, I tried to look up a nursing program in MSU, they have an accelerated BSN program.

    Is there anyone could tell me if nursing program in MSU or UCM is a good program?
    and what am I supposed to do with my conditions right now?